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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

O God, you are the most sought after topic in this world. People say that you have beard, people say that you are invisible and people say that you got thousand hands.I am so damn confused as you yourself is, about what you actually are. It doesn't matter to me whether you have color or not, you are young or old; what matters is whether I am satisfied with my life and living peacefully or not. People debate that their mode of worship is the best and others' are wrong. These same people curse God for not getting their work done. Now tell me whose belief is right and who is wrong. 
We hate those who worship differently, without even thinking that they too are favorites for God because they also are worshipers. No one has seen you till date but everyone says that you are there somewhere watching over us. 

O God, why don't you just unveil yourself one day and tell us that you don't need any money and don't wish to be a celeb. Why don't you abet us distribute all those money to the needy. Why don't you say that it is those people without a shelter that needs an abode and not you. Why don't you just explode and make it very clear that you are extremely ashamed of us for fighting in your name. 

O God, there is this smallest wish that I hope you can and you will do- Please visit everyone in their dream tonight and tell them what you really are and what you actually want from us. O God, people say  that you are beyond explanation; then why explain and fight instead of living peacefully and let others live. 

O God , you there ?????